Bed & Breakfast Jansbeek, Jacob Cremerstraat 13, 6821 DA Arnhem



Bed&Breakfast Jansbeek is located in Arnhem, the capital of the Dutch province Gelderland. Arnhem was voted greenest city of the Netherlands in 2008, because of its many parks but also because of its location on the south side of the Veluwe. Arnhem is situated on the banks of the Lower Rhine and the St. Jansbeek, where the city started its steady growth over the past hundred years.

Walk out the door and just around the corner you will see the biggest city park of the Netherlands: the Sonsbeekpark, bordering the 19th century National Park Zypendaal.
For more information about the Sonsbeekpark, go to www.bezoekerscentrumsonsbeek.nl

There are various museums in the vicinity of B&B Jansbeek:

The Arnhem Museum: www.museumarnhem.nl
The Winemuseum: www.wijnmuseum.nl
The Watermuseum: www.watermuseum.nl
The Open Air Museum: www.openluchtmuseum.nl
The Airborne Museum: www.airbornemuseum.nl

A visit to Burgers’ Zoo is definitely worth while: www.burgerszoo.nl